Mister Salmon (Out West) - musical artist, official photo 2020

Mister Salmon is a music-making identity adopted by UK-based mixed-media artist Andrew Stones. (The name is from Stones's 1986 multi-channel video-sound work ‘Salmon Song’).

Mister Salmon’s music is emotionally direct, adapting the grammar of folk, and the sound-worlds of pop, electronica and audio art. The recordings usually take years to complete, paring down lyrics, and finessing arrangements whilst trying to preserve a strongly physical sound.

Plucked, bowed and mechanically-lashed strings, reeds, pipes, and unconventional percussion devices are layered with guitars, mandolin and organ. Self-built instruments (physical and sample-based) are used, some being created for specific recordings.

Mister Salmon Cries Out (Digital EP, 2020) comprises three tracks - Curlew, Men and Mice, and Nature Trail. Curlew and Nature Trail are ballads for the anthropocene era, about projecting human constructions onto the natural world, at a time when the power of human agency is being questioned as much as celebrated.

The tracks on Mister Salmon Cries Out are from a larger suite of recordings imagining the perspectives of different creatures, such as: a fly, a wolf and its prey, the members of a nature cult, a nature-documentary addict, and others

Mister Salmon …in Yorkshirama (Album, 2010) frames recollections of northern Britain in the 1970s and 80s, but remains ambivalent about the accidents of “belonging” to a particular place. The album is a synthesis of soundtrack and song, structured like an accompaniment to an unmade biographical movie, in ten scenes.


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